Chinese Cultural Quiz

China gilt als extrem kompliziert. Die Etikette birgt für uns Europäer unzählbar viele Fettnäpfchen. Im Reich der Mitte existieren viele Grundregeln und Business-Regeln, die für Europäer oder Nord-Amerikaner schwer nachvollziehbar sind. Man sollte sie jedoch kennen, insbesondere dann, wenn man Geschäftsbeziehungen mit China aufbauen möchte. Dies beginnt zum Teil schon bei der Begrüßung, wo es gilt, gewisse Hierarchien einzuhalten und geht über Small Talk und dem Vermeiden gewisser Tabu-Themen, dem richtigen Umgang mit Mitarbeitern bis zu religiösen Themen. Testen Sie Ihr Wissen! The idea that the universe is composed of two contrasting, yet complimentary energies is central to which Chinese concept; Feng Shui Yin and Yang Shiatsu The concept of Yin & Yang is also important to the Chinese diet. Which types of food correspond to Yin & Yang? Hot & Cold Sweet & Sour Warm & cooling Majority of Chinese consider themselves to be: non-religious Buddhist Christians Which is the official language of China? Chinese Cantonese Mandarin Which colour is unlucky in Chinese culture? red green white During which traditional festival do the Chinese offer sacrifices to the moon such as mooncake and symbolic fruit to bring them luck? Dragon Boat festival Chinese New Year Mid-Autumn festival Which of these is China’s most widely-played sport? Badminton Volleyball Table tennis The idea that mankind is in harmony with the universe if everyone understands their rank in society and the ranks associated behaviour is central to which Chinese philosophy? Taoism Confucianism Buddhism You’re walking into a meeting with your Chinese business partners, who like to operate in a traditional Chinese way.. How should you greet the room? Shake hands with senior person only Give a quick smile and nod to everyone in the room and sit down Shake hands with everyone in the room starting with the most senior person in descending order. You are invited to a business lunch. When should you arrive? 15 - 30 minutes after the start time 15 minutes before Just in time You are managing a team. One of your team members is not hitting their targets. How should you approach this person and help them think of new strategies to improve their performance? What should you do? Take them out for coffee and gently ease into delivering feedback You feel there is nothing to hide, so pull up a chair at their desk and give feedback Take them into your office and give them feedback Another team member is going above and beyond their targets and as their manager you want to let them know. Do you…. Give the team member a quiet well done when you next see them Invite the team member into your office Praise the team member in front of the group. Your first meeting with new Chines business partners. What should you avoid discussing? Chinese politics family your country Time is Up!CancelSubmit Quiz

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British Pop Quiz

Es bereitet Ihnen keine Probleme, an englischen Meetings teilzunehmen und über geschäftliche Themen zu sprechen. Sie können ohne größere Schwierigkeiten auf Englisch verhandeln. Aber wenn es darum geht, neue Geschäftspartner in Großbritannien zu treffen und Small Talk zu betreiben, wird es plötzlich schwierig. Dies beginnt oft schon bei Themen wie Pünktlichkeit und setzt sich fort bei der Begrüßung und allgemeinen Small Talk Themen. Klingt das vertraut? Testen Sie Ihr Wissen! Which was not invented in the U.K.? peanut butter marmite chicken tikka masala Which is considered poor etiquette? dropping in to someone’s house to say Hi arriving for dinner 5 minutes late eating lunch at your desk You bump into a business acquaintance on the street who says “We should meet for coffee soon.” What does this mean? They will definitely contact you They will contact you the next day to arrange an appointment It’s unlikely they’ll contact you How should you address senior managers in a British organisation? Sir/Madam only by their first name Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms and surname You’re invited for dinner at 7 pm. When should you arrive? 7 pm on the dot 7:15 pm a little before 7 pm When a Brit says “That’s not bad”, they mean: I’m a bit disappointed That’s good That’s poor Which is the most prominent religion?Note: the majority of British do not relate to any religion. Islam Church of England (Anglicanism) Catholicism Which of the following make up the largest number of UK residents? Irish Polish Indian What makes up the U.K.? Republic of Ireland, England and Wales Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales Republic of Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England When a person from the U.K. says “you must come for dinner”, they mean: I’ll send an invitation soon It’s not an invite. I’m just being polite Come over this evening. What title do many U.K. women use to avoid indicating whether or not they are married? Miss Mrs. Ms. Time is Up!CancelSubmit Quiz

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