China gilt als extrem kompliziert. Die Etikette birgt für uns Europäer unzählbar viele Fettnäpfchen. Im Reich der Mitte existieren viele Grundregeln und Business-Regeln, die für Europäer oder Nord-Amerikaner schwer nachvollziehbar sind. Man sollte sie jedoch kennen, insbesondere dann, wenn man Geschäftsbeziehungen mit China aufbauen möchte.

Dies beginnt zum Teil schon bei der Begrüßung, wo es gilt, gewisse Hierarchien einzuhalten und geht über Small Talk und dem Vermeiden gewisser Tabu-Themen, dem richtigen Umgang mit Mitarbeitern bis zu religiösen Themen.

Testen Sie Ihr Wissen!

The idea that the universe is composed of two contrasting, yet complimentary energies is central to which Chinese concept;
The concept of Yin & Yang is also important to the Chinese diet. Which types of food correspond to Yin & Yang?
Majority of Chinese consider themselves to be:
Which is the official language of China?
Which colour is unlucky in Chinese culture?
During which traditional festival do the Chinese offer sacrifices to the moon such as mooncake and symbolic fruit to bring them luck?
Which of these is China’s most widely-played sport?
The idea that mankind is in harmony with the universe if everyone understands their rank in society and the ranks associated behaviour is central to which Chinese philosophy?
You’re walking into a meeting with your Chinese business partners, who like to operate in a traditional Chinese way.. How should you greet the room?
You are invited to a business lunch. When should you arrive?
You are managing a team. One of your team members is not hitting their targets. How should you approach this person and help them think of new strategies to improve their performance? What should you do?
Another team member is going above and beyond their targets and as their manager you want to let them know. Do you….
Your first meeting with new Chines business partners. What should you avoid discussing?